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Customer Recommendations for Stone Mountain Pet Products

See what customers are saying about Stone Mountain Pet Products!

Recommendation Email From:

Pompano Pet Lodge logo

From: John <email address omitted>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 18:06:56 GMT
To: <email address omitted>
Subject: Recomendation for Dave Larson

Dear Dave,

I am writing to thank you for designing and building the 90 guillotine doors for Pompano Pet Lodge. Over the past 8 years, I have purchased from 7 different types of guillotine doors ranging from $165 to over $375 per door. Not one of those doors was I willing to purchase for the rest of the facility due to poor construction or poor engineering or both. Your doors shipped assembled, built to our specifications, and delivered to us on time. We were not missing one bolt or pulley and our order was perfect. I also would like to express my thanks to Kathy who handled my questions and billing flawlessly. You have a first class product and staff that I can recommend to anyone. My staff and the 5000 dogs we board a year all thank Larson Systems and your team. You are truly the best.

John Glorieux
General Manager
Pompano Pet Lodge

Interior view of a Pompano Pet Lodge kennel door

Recommendation Email From:

NYC Veterinary Specialists Logo

From: Shannon <email address omitted>
Date: May 7, 2011 8:31:40 PM CDT
To: <email address omitted>
Subject: RE: SMPP Followup

Hello! Sorry it's taken me so long to get to you. I wanted to find some photos as well and upload them.

So, as far as the kennels go, I love them! Our patients are much happier! The larger living space, raised shelf, and portholes keep them very content. Having these amenities seems to help the cats keep the kennels cleaner, as well; with more room they are less apt to spill their water or make a mess of their litter pans. I find them to be noiseless too, in respect to metal kennels in which sound seems to bounce around. For sensitive cats, this is a huge plus. They are easy to clean, and I love that I was able to choose the colours. In short, thank you for making my job easier and keeping my patients healthy and happy!

I've sent some photos of the kennels and kitties and also the I-131 room.

Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks again.

Shannon Noyes, L.V.T.

NYC Veterinary Specialists Photos

Insulated Doors

"At 30 below, the doors are cold to the touch, but there are no air leaks. That's a good thing."

Donna W., Chena River Kennels
Fairbanks, AK


Dog Walks

Canine Trainers, LLC"BTW… Tell everyone the Dogwalk is a big hit… and sooo well made. Thanks for your product, and the attention to detail."

"The Dog Walk is awesome! We're very happy with it and used it in class this week. The dogs loved it... Please thank all at Stone Mountain for a job well done."

Karen Magee, Certified Trainer
Canine Trainers, Rochester, MN



Canine Trainers, LLC"We have been using the teeter for almost a week now. It is rock solid and doesn't jump around even when big fast dogs go over it. This is a vast improvement. Our old one jumped around even with sandbags, etc. Also, the new one, once it gets tipped down, it stays there - the old one would try to bounce back up which made it really hard to convince dogs they should stand half on and half off at the end! The new one doesn't do that at all, which is really good! The instructors love it! It's a hit!"

Brenda Scidmore
Dogs Welcome! - Madison, WI


Room Dividers

New York City Veterinary SpecialistsThey do what they're built to do. They give me the ability to reconfigure my rooms. They're just what I wanted.

Wayne Regan
Dawg Gone It - Monterey, CA


Express Kennels

Pet Medical Center Logo"The kennels are the talk of everyone who visits and tours the hospital, especially the breeders. Thanks so much for your help in making my project a success."

Carl Pew, DVM, MRCVS
Pet Medical Center - Orem, UT


Dog Walk & A-Frame

Pet Medical Center Logo"We absolutely love the equipment. It is easy to set up and move for classes and also during trials!"

Sue Robinson
Springfield, MO Dog Training Club